Mission Statement

It’s hard to be a man these days.  Now before I start to receive hate mail from all of you non-Y chromosome carrying victims of the “Penisocracy”, allow me to explain.  I said it’s hard to be a MAN these days, not male.  Being male kicks ass. However, society frowns upon males acting like MEN.  The world has been feminized to a large extent and the things that defined Manhood are definitely frowned upon and in some cases, illegal today.

There is nothing wrong with feminization, as long as it applies to women.  If you are a Man and your biggest morning crisis is deciding if your socks clash with your tie, there is something wrong with you Hoss.  Your hobbies as a Man should be hunting, setting things on fire, and behaving in a generally unsafe and boorish manner.  You should not have a favorite potpourri recipe or by any means know the names of any of the cast members on those idiotic Real Housewives shows.  Women in skimpy bathing suits should evoke feelings of admiration and a stirring of the loins.  They should not evoke comments about how flattering the material or color is to her skin tone.  Thongs are good things.  But not on a dude.  That is just…wrong.

Men aren’t allowed to say what they feel anymore.  We are constantly being told to keep our opinions to ourselves and to be nice to everyone.  Bullshit! Not everyone deserves to be treated nicely.  If you act like an ass, I will call you an ass.  In the old days, you’d call someone on their asshattery, punch each other a few times, then go get a beer. It was a SYSTEM.  And it worked.  Do that now you’ll be shot or arrested.  Or both.  Males have become pussies who watch soap operas and get manicures.  There’s a difference between gardening and growing shit.  Men grow food, men (lowercase) garden fucking azaleas and petunias.  If it can’t be eaten or smoked, what is the point?

That is why the Man Cave exists.  Since our behavior is looked upon with disdain, real Men have retreated to shelters to perfect the skills of Manhood.  You will note that when I talk about real Men, it will be with a capital M.  The lowercase m will be reserved for those who have not yet seen the light of the sacred camp fire. 

Read on men.  The Men are waiting for you.  And don’t bullshit yourself, so are the Women.  They just haven’t admitted it yet…